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  1. Hey Eric!
    I found you on Twitter through my @deadshedshow account.
    Great blog, love the energy!

  2. Chuck Jett says:

    Where are you guys based? Are you booked for February 11, 2012. If not – what do you require? I am planning a small horror/pop-culture con in Jackson Mississippi.
    Chuck Jett
    601-826-0668 (cell)

  3. stephan says:

    hi eric

    my name is stephan from cologne germany ,

    sorry ,my english is very bad ,
    but i want you to say,
    i like your music very much , thank you for this songs , great music

    i hope you still continue writing songs
    bye and see you later on facebook or here on your site

  4. Hi Eric,

    I enjoy the comic strip. Some funny stuff in there.

  5. motionless says:

    i found out about u guys by looking for glow in the dark picks and you guys are sent from the grave yard i love your stuff and music and hopefully soon ill order sum picks but do u guys by chance make posters? i would really love dat 😀 <3

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