ZOMBIE! is a solo, multimedia project created by artist and producer Eric Weiss.

Hemorrhaging a wealth of horror related content,  ZOMBIE! encompasses original music, video, social media, games, artwork, photography, merchandise, fan participation, and a gratuitous amount of disturbing humor.

ZOMBIE! began in the fall of 2008 and has grown from a single myspace page into thousands of rampaging horror fans, zombie enthusiasts, and complete lunatics.


“ZOMBIE! Real Horror Rock! is fu#@ing SICK!”, “Eric Weiss of ZOMBIE! might just be the hardest working man in rock n roll, there’s no question that he’s the hardest working man in horror rock.”, “ZOMBIE! is the answer to every shitty MISFITS influenced garage band out there, anyone who likes the THE MISFITS or the THE RAMONES will fall in love with ZOMBIE! instantly.”, “It shouldn’t be long before this band explodes, spraying both quality music and the blood of the innocent through your speakers.” —  AMP Magazine, AMP Magazine

“If you like your humor dark, morbid and un-PC, then Eric Weiss is your man. Tweeting from the POV of a depraved flesh-eater, he waxes ghoulish about topics like eating your neighbors, dysfunctional relationships and necrophilia. And it’s hilarious.” Bryan Reesman – New York Times, Playboy, E! Online
—  Bryan Reesman, Attention Deficit Delirium

“…a solid disc full of horror-inspired rock and roll in the vein of classic Misfits. My favorite is “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things,” at least partially for creating a piece of art that lives up to the awesomeness of the title.”—  Cory Casciato, The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

“If you’re a horror fan and do any kind of online social networking, chances are you’ve crossed paths with ZOMBIE! “—  Holly Quinn, HorrorNews.net

“Let’s face it. A lot of horror rock sucks. Every Misfits fan with a cheap guitar and a DVD collection thinks they can start a band, usually with dire results. But ZOMBIE! is the real thing. Eric Weiss — the brains behind the outfit — not only knows his horror movies, but manages to make kick-ass rock n’ roll tunes about ‘em. ” —  Send More Cops, Send More Cops

Eric Weiss of  ZOMBIE!



  1. Tony Tallman says:

    Loving it bro keep it old school send me some swag to plaster everywhere here in ATL.

  2. Melinda Weiss says:


    Your mother is looking for you. This is a very disturbing site!!!! How did you get mixed up with this kind of stuff? Please e-mail me, I would love to talk to you.

    Love you!!!

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