ZOMBIE! Featured in AMP Magazine!


ZOMBIE! has been recently featured both the print and online version of AMP MAGAZINE!

Some great excerpts from the print article include:

“Eric Weiss of ZOMBIE! might just be the hardest working man in rock n roll, there’s no question that he’s the hardest working man in horror rock.”

“ZOMBIE! is the answer to every shitty MISFTS influenced garage band out there, anyone who likes the THE MISFITS or the THE RAMONES will fall in love with ZOMBIE! instantly.”

“It shouldn’t be long before this band explodes, spraying both quality music and the blood of the innocent through your speakers.”

Click the photo below  to view a larger version the article.

Also visit AMP MAGAZINE to devour the entire interview, complete with 8 streaming ZOMBIE! tracks. http://www.ampmagazine.com/5754/zombie-stream-interview


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